CSA Thursday - pick up & delivery

CSA Thursday - pick up & delivery

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Farm2Door introduced a 12 week Summer vegetable box starting on June 16th also known as a CSA share. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and that's exactly what Farm2Door is all about. We want to keep local food right here in our community and need you support to make that happen!

You can still join for the remainder 9 weeks starting the week of July 6th!

Farm2Door’s weekly vegetable share is a seasonal collection of the finest produce our growers have on offer. 

Our CSA share comes in two sizes. A regular share supplies an average two person household with fresh vegetables. It's priced at $39.95 per week and comes to $399.50 for the remainder 10 week duration of our Summer vegetable program.

A large share is geared towards a four person household. It's priced at $75 per week and $675.00 for the remainder 9 weeks of the season.

CSA shares are distributed once a week. You can either opt for pickup or delivery. Delivery is $5 flat rate per week, $45 total for the remainder 9 weeks of the season.

We deliver the packages on Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday shares are pickup only.

Please have a look at an example CSA share we have put together for July.

July regular share sample July large share sample
5oz. Lettuce mix 10oz. Lettuce mix
1lb. radishes 1lb. Radishes
½ quart rasberries 1 quart rasberries
1 Garlic 2 Garlic
2 zucchinni 2 zucchinni
Bunch of Green onions 2 Bunches of Green onions
½ quart of cherry tomatoes 1 quart of cherry tomatoes
Clam shell of Micro Greens Clam shell of Micro Greens
1 lb. Beets 2 lb. Beets
8oz. swiss chard
1lb. Carrots
Bunch of Basil


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