Wendy B's Vegetable Lasagna

Wendy B's Vegetable Lasagna
Wendy B's Vegetable Lasagna
Product image 1Wendy B's Vegetable Lasagna
Product image 2Wendy B's Vegetable Lasagna

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Wendy B's is a small local deli offering a wide selection of home made food.

The vegetable Lasagna is available in 2 sizes, small (1 to 2 servings) and regular (2 to 3 servings) and Gluten Free.

Vegetables: broccoli; mushrooms; garlic; zucchini; carrots; onion. Herbs: basil, oregano; marjoram

Filling: cottage cheese; eggs; grated parmesan cheese; tomatoes; parsley; salt and pepper

Noodles: spinach wheat ; if Gluten Free – rice lasagna;

Oil – olive and/or canola; butter

Cheese: grated mozzarella

Containers: Regular 9” x 5” foil with lid; Small 5” x 4” foil with lid

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